UO Psychology 607 Graduate Seminar

Winter 2018

Sexual Violence and Institutional Responsibilities

Instructor Jennifer Freyd


Short Title: Sex Viol/Inst Resp. 

Student option for grading (Grade or P/N)
2-3 credits
Day/time/location:  THURSDAYS 13:00-14:50 in 257 Straub
Psychology grads only

CRN: 25872
Grading option: Optional
Credits: 2-3

Overview: We will consider theory, research, and current concerns regarding sexual violence and related institutional responsibilities.

Readings: In this seminar, we will read three books and a number of articles. The three books are:

Book reading plan with approximate number of pages. In weeks with fewer than 100 book pages we will also read articles

Week McGuire Harding Luther
2 48    
3 36 80  
4   60  
5   80  
6 50    
7 50    
8 50   60
9 38   70
10     80


Course Work: Students will be expected to attend all class meetings, do all assigned readings, and to participate actively in seminar discussion. In addition, each participant will lead a class discussion and, in advance of the class meeting, email to the class discussion questions by the Monday at noon before the Thursday class. By the Monday at noon following the class, the student(s) leading discussion will email to the class a document including the discussion questions, any other presentation material, and capturing important discussion points from class.

General Policies and Resources: Please see the Psychology of Trauma syllabus for policies and links regarding academic integrity, accommodations, disclosures, etc., and a list of community and campus resources.


Additional Readings Lists

In creating the readings list for this course, I collected possible books and aricles. Some are actually assigned, some not. The lists are included here for your further reading and exploring.

Possible fiction and autobiography for the seminar:

Possible non fiction books for the seminar:

Possible articles:

Weekly Reading Assignments

Week 1, January 11


Week 2, January 18

Discussion Leader: Melissa Barnes


Recommended Readings

Week 3, January 25

Discussion Leader: Aleks Perez Grabow


Week 4, February 1

Discussion Leader: Alec Smidt


Week 5, February 8

Discussion Leader: Anna Cook


Week 6, February 15

Discussion Leader: Liz Loi


Week 7, February 22

Discussion Leader: Alexis Adams-Clark



Week 8, March 1

Discussion Leader: Monika Lind



Week 9, March 8

Special Guest: Brenda Tracy



Week 10, March 15

Discussion Leader: Brenna McNeil



Jennifer Freyd <jjf@dynamic.uoregon.edu>