Dynamic Mental Representations
Dynamic Mental Representations

Freyd Dynamics Lab

 Betrayal Trauma
Betrayal Trauma

JJFest, December 2-3, 2022, UO Psychology, Eugene, Oregon

Digital Memorabilia

Official Announcement: Notice on UO Psychology Department website

Guest Book: Signed on December 2 morning and afternoon (scanned)

Photos: Collected from many cameras in one folder 


Friday morning “Mush & Gush” session 10 AM -12 noon in EMU

Video recording of the morning session – about 85 minutes
List of speakers during the morning session
Dare Baldwin’s powerpoint slides (slides 1-5 were presented at the event; 6-11 were not presented due to time)
Marjorie Taylor’s anecdote (that Sara also read)
Kat Quina’s video tribute that was not played due to running out of time

 Friday afternoon lectures 3-5 PM in EMU

Video recording of the afternoon session -about 2 hours
-Introductory remarks by Sara Hodges, starts about 12 minutes in (text of remarks)
-Lecture by Jennifer Gomez followed by Q&A, about 40 minutes total
-(10 minute break)
-Lecture by Anne DePrince followed by Q&A, about 40 minutes total
Subsequent recording of Anne DePrince’s presentation with better visuals (and related blog post by DePrince)

Friday evening dinner 6-8 PM at Rye

Saturday morning lab gathering and roundtable at Pam Birrell’s house 9 AM – 12 noon

Pam’s tribute book (pdf of that)
List of Jennifer Freyd's former doctoral students and Saturday morning attendees

Former students at gathering on December 3, 2022

Many Thanks to the Primary Hosts/Organizers

Department organizers: Sara Hodges and Dare Baldwin
Host for JJF and for Saturday Lab gathering: Pamela Birrell

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