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 Betrayal Trauma
Betrayal Trauma

Some of the Awards Received by Students While in the Dynamics Lab

External Awards

American Psychological Association, Convention Student Travel Award
Carolyn Allard, 2004 ($600)
Carly Smith, 2013 ($300)

American Psychological Association, Dissertation Award
Rose Barlow, 2005 ($1000)

American Psychological Association, Division (56) of Trauma Psychology,Outstanding Dissertation Award
Carolyn Allard, 2007
Jennifer Gomez, 2017

American Psychological Association, Division 29 (Psychotherapy)
Student Paper Diversity Award
Shin Shin Tang, 2006 ($100)

American Psychological Association, Minority Fellowship
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2006-2008
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2007-2009

American Psychological Association, MFP Travel award
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2007
Robin Latrice Gobin, 2008
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2008

American Psychological Association, MFP Psychology Summer Institute
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2007

American Psychological Association Convention poster selected for "Psychological Science Superstars: Datablitz!"
APA Science Student Council and the APA Board of Scientific Affairs
Annmarie Cholankeril, 2007

Anne Anastasi Award, American Psychological Association
Jennifer Gomez, 2013

B.B. Robbie Rossman Student Research Award
International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
Katie Spaventa, 2007

Central European University (CEU) Summer University (Budapest) Scholarship
Course: Gender, Health and Inequality
Sharon Shin Shin Tang (€500)

David Caul Graduate Research Grant, International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
Carolyn Allard, 2005 ($500)
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2008 ($1500)
Melissa Platt, 2011 ($900)

Doris Duke Fellowship
Rosemary Bernstein, 2014-16 ($25,000 annual stipend)

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship
National Research Council of the National Academies
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2010 (stipend of $21,000 and paid travel)
Jennifer Gomez, 2015 (stipend of $25,000 and paid travel)

International Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
B.B. Robbie Rossman Student Research Award
Katie Spaventa, 2007

International Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
NPEIV Murray Straus Interpersonal Violence Original Research Award
Melissa Barnes, 2017

National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellowship
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2005, Honorable Mention

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research
Annmarie Cholankeril Hulette, 2008-2010

NIMH Pre-doctoral Training Grant Fellowship Awards
Anne DePrince, 1998-2000 (Emotion Research Training Fellow)
Kathy Becker Blease, 2000-2002 (Development and Psychopathology Fellow)
Rachel Goldsmith, 2001-2003 (Development and Psychopathology Fellow)
Christina Gamache Martin, 2011-2013 (Development and Psychopathology Fellow)

Richard P. Kluft Award for Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Best Article
Jennifer Gómez, Jennifer Lewis, Laura Noll, Alec Smidt, & Pamela Birrell (2016). For: Shifting the focus: Nonpathologizing approaches to healing from betrayal trauma through an emphasis on relational care. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation17(2), 165-185.

Sage/Society for the Teaching of Psychology Travel Award
Carly Smith, 2013

Western Psychological Foundation Student Scholarship Award
Brianna Hailey, 2014 ($500)

University of Oregon Awards

Betty Foster McCue Fellowship for Human Performance and Development, Graduate School
Rosemary Bernstein, 2015 ($5,000)

Beverly Fagot Dissertation Award, University of Oregon Psychology Department
Rachel Goldsmith, 2004
Christina Gamache Martin, 2014

Center for the Study of Women in Society, Dissertation Research Fellowship
Lisa Cromer 2005 ($2000)

Center for the Study of Women in Society, Research Grant
Anne DePrince, 1998
Kathy Becker Blease, 2001 ($2000)
Rachel Goldsmith, 2002
Shin Shin Tang, 2005 ($2100)
Carly P. Smith, 2014 ($2500)
Marina Rosenthal, 2014 ($2500)
Kristen Reinhardt 2014 ($2500)

Center for the Study of Women in Society, Travel Grant
Rachel Goldsmith, 2001
Lisa Cromer, 2001 ($500)
Kathy Becker Blease, 2001
Carolyn Allard, 2003 ($140)
Carolyn Allard, 2004 ($200)
Lisa Cromer, 2005 ($500)

Center for the Study of Women in Society, Research Interest Group Development Grant
Melissa Platt, Robyn Gobi, and others, June 2009, $2000

Center on Diversity and Community (CoDAC), University of Oregon, Summer Research Grant
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2005 ($1000)

Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE), University of Oregon, Outstanding Graduate Student Award Jennifer Gomez, 2015

Clarence and Lucille Dunbar Scholarship
College of Arts & Science, University of Oregon
Melissa Foynes, 2008 ($5000)
Sarah Harsey, 2013 ($2500)

Clark Honors College Barbara Corrado Pope Award
Naomi Wright, 2015

Clark Honors College Thesis Research Grant
Naomi Wright, 2014 ($1,000)

Distinguished Teaching Award, Department of Psychology
Marina Rosenthal, 2016 ($500)

Gary E. Smith Summer Professional Development Grant
University of Oregon Graduate School
Annmarie Cholankeril, 2006 ($1,500)

General University Scholarship, University of Oregon
Anne DePrince, 1998-2000
Laura Kaehler, 2011-2012 ($2,700)
Kristen Reinhardt, 2016-17 ($3,000)

Graduate School Research Award, University of Oregon
Kathy Becker Blease, 1999
Rose Barlow, 2004 ($500)
Carolyn Allard, 2006 ($500)
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2009 ($500)
Melissa Platt, 2009 ($500)

Graduate School Travel Award, University of Oregon
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2009 ($500)

Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award, University of Oregon
Carly P. Smith, 2015 ($1000)

Henry V. Howe Scholarship
College of Arts & Sciences, University of Oregon
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2009 ($3,000)

Honors Student Awards, Department of Psychology, University of Oregon
Kathy Becker Blease, 1998 (Sheldon Zack Award)
Ingrid Elise Perdew, 2000 (Alice C. Thompson Award)
Bridget Klest, 2002 (Sheldon Zack Award)
Kimberly Babock, 2003 (Sheldon Zack Award)
Mary Gray, 2005 (Sheldon Zack Award)
Christina Gamache Martin, 2005 (Sheldon Zack Award)
Cristen McLean, 2007 (Alice C. Thompson Award)
Janae Chavez, 2011 (Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award)

McNair Program Fellowship at University of Oregon
Angela Binder, 2003-2005
Leslie Medrano, 2010-2011

Mary E. Russell Scholarship, University of Oregon
Carolyn Allard, 2005 ($1200)

Norman Sundberg Scholarship Award, Department of Psychology, University of Oregon
Carolyn Allard, 2005 ($1000)
Bridget Klest, 2008 ($1000)
Melissa Platt, 2010 ($1000)
Kristen Reinhardt, 2016 ($1000)

Phi Beta Kappa, Oregon 6, University of Oregon
Sarah Harsey, 2012
Naomi Wright, 2015

Psychology Department, Research & Travel Awards, University of Oregon
Anne DePrince, 2000
Kathy Becker Blease, 22000, 2001
Rose Barlow, 2001 ($500)
Shin Shin Tang, 2004 ($500)
Rose Barlow, 2004 ($500)
Rachel Goldsmith, 2004
Melissa Ming Foynes, 2006 ($450)
Laura Kaehler, 2006
Christina Gamache Martin, 2008, 2009, 2010

Promising Scholar Award (previously Fighting Fund Fellowship), Graduate School, University of Oregon
Annmarie Cholankeril, 2005 ($5,000)
Robyn Latrice Gobin, 2006 ($5,000)
Jennifer Gomez, 2011 ($5,000)
Alec Smidt, 2013 ($5,000)
Melissa Barnes, 2015 ($5,000)

Public Impact Fellowship, Graduate School, University of Oregon
Christina Gamache Martin, 2015 ($6,000)

Stephen Wasby Dissertation Award, University of Oregon
Anne DePrince, 2000-2001

Teaching Effectiveness Program Peer Mentor Award, University of Oregon
Marina N. Rosenthal, 2015 ($1,000)

Undergraduate Research Fellowship, University of Oregon College of Education, Institute for Development of Educational Achievement
Cristen Lillie McLean, 2006


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