Are there bunnies at Disney Land?

Correspondence with Walt Disney Archives Regarding Bunnies at Disney theme parks

Jennifer J. Freyd, University of Oregon



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Subject: Question about rabbit character visits

Dear Disneyland Staff,
I am a psychology professor interested in memory. Many adults visited Disneyland as children. what do they remember about it? Some studies have investigated memories for those visits. A question my colleagues and I have regards the occurrence of rabbit characters (adults in costumes) over the years greeting visitors at Disneyland. For instance, has Disneyland ever had Roger Rabbit or the White Rabbit or Brer Rabbit greeting visitors. If so, do you know anything about the years these rabbit characters might have been present at Disneyland.
Thank you,
Jennifer Freyd

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     Dear Jennifer,
In addition to the three rabbit characters you mentioned in your e-mail, there
has also been a walk-around Thumper (from "Bambi") at the theme parks.
Unfortunately, no records have ever been compiled as to when exactly these
characters made appearances as walk-around characters, so we cannot answer the
last part of your question.
Thanks for writing.
Walt Disney Archives


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