Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

Information about Book & Media Reviews

The Journal of Trauma & Dissociation does not publish unsolicited book or media reviews but welcomes recommendations of recent books and media for review. If you are an author, editor, or producer and would like your material considered for review in JTD, please contact the Associate Editor for Book & Media Reviews, Dr. KATHRYN QUINA.

Please note that there are many relevant books and media published each year and we do not have space to review them all.

If you have read a relevant book or viewed relevant media and you would like to write a review, or if you have an idea for a material you would like to see reviewed, please contact Associate Editor for Book & Media Reviews, Dr. KATHRYN QUINA.  We do not accept unsolicited reviews but we work with authors of invited reviews to create a review once the material is selected for review.  Book and media reviews are approximately 800 words long. Specific instructions for review authors is provided by the Book and Media Review Associate Editor.

We do not publish reviews that have appeared in other publications. Submission of a manuscript to the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is original material, and that neither the manuscript nor a version of it has been published elsewhere, is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and has been approved by each author.

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