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April 2023: New psychology research links childhood betrayal trauma to secondary psychopathy in adulthood

March 2020: Weinstein Lessons We’re Still Learning

September 2019: Can You Recover from Dissociative Identity Disorder?

July 2016: Childhood trauma in the classroom

July 2013: PTSD and Treatment

June 2013: Reports of Military Sexual Violence by Men

July 2011: Research on Military Sexual Trauma (MST Special Issue of JTD on TV)

April 2011: PTSD in Women in the Military

October 2009: Research Sheds Light on Juvenile Sexual Offenders

October 2009: Victims of Prolonged Psychological Trauma

September 2009: Chimpanzees Suffer Psychologically Like Humans

July 2009: Debate Over Repressed Memories


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