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book cover: Betrayal Trauma

Freyd, J. J. (1996). Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of forgetting childhood abuse. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

For information and review extracts from The New York Times, Journal of the American Medical Association and others see the description from Harvard University Press. More complete list of reviews at: BTreviews.html. Discount prices at Amazon.com. Hardback ISBN: 067406805; Paperback ISBN: 0674068068; Spanish language edition ISBN: 84-7112-477-7.

book cover: Abusos sexuales en la infancia

Freyd, J.J. (2003). Abusos sexuales en la enfancia: La lógica del olvido (Pablo Manzano, Trans.). Madrid: Ediciones Morata. [Spanish language edition of Betrayal Trauma.]


book cover: Trauma and Cognitive Science

Freyd, J.J. & DePrince, A.P. (Eds.) (2001). Trauma and Cognitive Science: A Meeting of Minds, Science, and Human Experience. Published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma and simultaneously as a book published by Haworth Press.

A volume based on the Meeting on Trauma and Cognitive Science, held July 17-19, 1998, Eugene, Oregon. Volume available for purchase at Amazon.com. Hardback ISBN: Haworth Press; ISBN: 0789013738; Paperback ISBN: 0789013746
betrayal cover

Freyd, J.J.& Birrell, P.J. (2013).  Blind to Betrayal.  John Wiley & Sons.  Also various separate translations (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, more). For more information see Betrayal Book site.

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See Presentations for a list of Freyd's colloquia and conference presentations on trauma (includes ordering information as available -- for a more complete list of presentations see see J. Freyd's Abbreviated Vita.)

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