Responses to the Disclosure of Abuse or Mistreatment: Materials


Looking for practical advice? See Tips: How to Be a Good Listener


Research & Research Materials

Foynes, M.M. & Freyd, J.J.  (2011). The Impact of Skills Training on Responses to the Disclosure of Mistreatment. Psychology of Violence1, 66-77.

The following materials were used in the research cited above. They are all copyright, 2010, Melissa Ming Foynes and Jennifer J. Freyd. They are available for attributed public use under a Creative Commons CC-BY-ND 3.0 license. We would appreciate being notified of your planned use that is consistent with the Creative Commons license.  If you wish to copy, distribute, or otherwise re-use these materials or to modify them, please complete the request for permission and send it to Melissa M Foynes, PhD for reprint permission.


Applications of Research

Tips: How to Be a Good Listener

Phone App

new The National Center for PTSD has adopted the listening skills from Foynes & Freyd (2011) to be part of a PTSD family coach app

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