Trauma & Cognitive Science

Spring 1998 Graduate Seminar
Psychology 607, J. Freyd
Grading option: Optional
Credits: 4
Mondays 13:00-14:50, 156 Straub

Clinical Elective Credit for grad students in Clinical Psychology

Instructor's consent required


This 607 seminar will focus on findings and theory relevant to understanding the way in which trauma interacts with information processing. (The seminar will also serve to prepare participants to take optimal benefit from a July 17-19 1998 meeting* to be held on campus in which leading figures in this research area will give presentations.) In both the seminar and summer meeting, we will be interested in the ways that traumatic events are perceived and remember, as well as long-lasting changes to cognitive mechanisms as a result of traumatic exposure. A particular focus will be on how traumatic information is encoded, stored, and later retrieved from memory. Related topics include disturbances of consciousness during and after trauma, the accuracy of memory for trauma, the need for multi-level models of memory, the effects of early trauma on subsequent information processing, and inhibitory processes in memory. This seminar will have a research focus, but we believe it is important to keep in mind the significant ethical, clinical, and societal implications of our work. These will also be the focus of discussion at the seminar.

(*1998 Meeting on Trauma and Cognitive Science/ Place/Time: July 17-19, 1998, University of Oregon campus/ Participants: Mike Anderson, Bernice Andrews, Chris Brewin, Lisa Butler, Robyn Fivush, Jennifer Freyd, Ira Hyman, Terence Keane, Mary Koss, John Morton, Kathy Pezdek, Jonathan Schooler, David Spiegel, Bessel van der Kolk)

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More About the July 17-19 Meeting on Trauma & Cognitive Science

Limited seating is available for registered audience members to attend the Continuing Education presentations that form part of the 1998 Meeting on Trauma and Cognitive Science.

Registration Required; Seating Limited.

For Schedule, Registration Application, and Additional Information See our Web Page at:

In addition there will be a Summer Course Psy 410 "Trauma and Awareness" that will include attendance at the July 17-19 presentations. Summer Session course information is available at:


Jennifer Freyd, 6 May 1998