Psy 607: Trauma's Legacy

Topics by Week

Winter 2004 Graduate Seminar
Jennifer J. Freyd & Pamela Birrell
University of Oregon

Focus book for the course:

Millburn, M.A. & Conrad, S.D. (1996) The Politics of Denial. Cambidge, MA: The MIT Press.
(This book is available for purchase in the text book section of the at the UO bookstore.)

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January 5: Introduction and Organization

January 12: The Politics of Denial

Discussion Leader: Anna Sontag (Discussion Notes)



January 26: Childhood Experiences and Voting Behavior

Discussion Leader: Megan McDade (Discussion Notes)


February 2: Slavery & Racism

Discussion Leader: Mirsad Serdarevic (Discussion Notes)


February 9: Betrayal Blindness, Politics, and Ethics

Discussion Leader: Rose Barlow (Discussion Notes)


February 16: Professor Ross Cheit Visiting

Guest : Professor Ross Cheit Ross Cheit, J.D., Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Director of the Law and Public Policy program at Brown University.

Title: Defining Deviancy Upside-Down: Social Science and the Misunderstanding of Child Sexual Abuse

Abstract: It is often argued that state responses to child sexual abuse, at least in the last decade, reflect the opposite of what Daniel Moynihan famously conceptualized as "defining deviancy down." Charles Krauthammer has argued that child abuse reflects an example of "defining deviancy up." But the empirical support for this position is weak. Indeed, there is extensive evidence to the contrary. Ironically, the "deviancy up" alarmists tend to portray the ordinary as the "bizarre" (and hence, unbelievable). The consequence is not to defining deviancy up, it is to define deviancy upside-down.

Also see:


February 23: Denial of Child Abuse

Discussion Leaders: Lisa DeMarni Cromer and Carolyn Allard (Discussion Notes)


March 1: Culture, Trauma, & Perpetration

Guest Presenter: Professor Gordon C. Hall will present new data on cultural risk and protective factors for sexual aggression among perpetrators of trauma


March 8: Non-Violent Social Change

Discussion Leader: Rachel Goldsmith (Discussion Notes)


March 15: Extra Class (exam week)-- Documentary Day

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