Responses to the Disclosure of Abuse or Mistreatment: Materials

Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD

Professor Emerit of Psychology, University of Oregon
Founder and President, Center for Institutional Courage


Looking for practical advice about resonding well to disclosure? See Tips: How to Be a Good Listener

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Research & Research Materials on Listening Well

Foynes, M.M. & Freyd, J.J.  (2011). The Impact of Skills Training on Responses to the Disclosure of Mistreatment. Psychology of Violence1, 66-77.

The following materials were used in the research cited above. They are all copyright, 2010, Melissa Ming Foynes and Jennifer J. Freyd. They are available for attributed public use under a Creative Commons CC-BY-ND 3.0 license. We would appreciate being notified of your planned use that is consistent with the Creative Commons license.  If you wish to copy, distribute, or otherwise re-use these materials or to modify them, please complete the request for permission and send it to Melissa M Foynes, PhD for reprint permission.


Applications of This Research

Tips: How to Be a Good Listener

Freyd, J.J. (2017). How to Listen When Someone You Know Discloses Sexual Harassment or Assault. PI, the American Psychological Association, Public Interest Blog, 22 November 2017. 

The National Center for PTSD has adopted the listening skills from Foynes & Freyd (2011) to be part of a PTSD family coach app

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From the "About" section of the PTSD Family Coach app


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