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Instructions for Getting a Letter of Recommendation from Jennifer Freyd

 Betrayal Trauma
Betrayal Trauma

I typically write a lot of recommendations for students, and to keep the work load manageable I ask for the following from everyone (see below). These instructions are written primarily for students applying to graduate school and professional school, but they can be applied to other needs such as summer internships, etc. The first step is asking me if I am able and willing to write a letter for you. I cannot say yes to everyone who asks. Reasons I might say no are my work load and the timing of your request (if you don't give me enough time, the probability is I'll say no) or because I feel I don't know you well enough to write a meaningful letter. If I do agree to write the letter for you, the following steps apply:

All materials provided to me should be in hard copy in a single packet.

1) First, I need your request that I write a letter for you in writing and with your signature. This is a legal requirement. The University of Oregon has a form that you can use for this purpose or you can compose your own letter to me with the necessary information. See the instructions for what your letter must contain if you write your own letter.

2) Second, please give me a complete list of schools or jobs, etc., to which you are applying with deadlines. Put your name and the date on the top of the sheet and list the recipients below it.

3) Please do give me copies of your transcript, test scores (GRES/LSATS/etc), your resume, and application essay (and anything else that will be part of your standard application package). [The better informed I am about your application, including strengths and weaknesses and particular interests, the more compelling letter I can write for you. Students sometimes want to avoid showing weaknesses to recommenders, but in fact if I am informed about the contents of the application I can write a letter that helps compensate or argue against negative indicators such as low scores or grades.]

4) I will also need the forms and pre-addressed stamped envelopes for all the schools/recipients. BE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR PART OF THE FORM FIRST AND SIGN IT WHERE REQUIRED. Double check this please (it slows down the process very much if I have to return forms to you for you to complete or sign before I can fill them in). If there is a school without a specific form, please include a note to that effect attached to the envelope. Each form (or note) should be paper clipped to the corresponding envelope.

5) Also note my policy about returning completed forms to students: I don't do it. I will only mail forms to the relevant admissions committees, fellowship committees, etc. If you have been instructed to collect the form from me and return it with your application you may want to include a copy of my policy statement (click the link and print the statement) with your application. In any case, I will need a pre-addressed stamped envelope I can use to send the form directly to the institution.

6) Please give me the materials at least 2 working weeks* before the first deadline if at all possible (*if a winter or spring break is involved then I need extra time).

7) All materials should be mailed to me at the address below, or left in a single large envelope at the psychology department main office. If you leave the materials, write your name in the upper left corner and write "For J Freyd" on the center of the envelope and ask the receptionist to make sure I get it.

All materials provided to me should be in hard copy in a single packet.

Professor Jennifer J. Freyd
Department of Psychology
1227 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1227

Last revised: November 2009

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